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There are a great number of services offered by an array of companies claiming specialties in most fields of essay writing services. Each essay is a little different in its composition, structure, and requirements, and range from simple reviews of subject matter, full of opinion and personal charm, to straight-forward expository essays that are filled to the brim with all sorts of information learned throughout the time spent in a course.

Essays that ask for your opinion on a subject or topic are often much shorter than essays which focus on facts alone. They include book reviews, short essays, and certain thesis essays. Generally, the opinions contained within the essay need to be derived from the course material, and have to show an in-depth understanding of the way the information affects either the world at large, certain portions of the world, or the field of study. Current and past events are often the topic of the essay, and the possible outcomes that may be the result of the events in question are to be concluded by the essay writing service.

Factual essays, such as those in doctorate degrees, book reports, and other reports, are quite a bit longer than opinion essays. They often include charts and diagrams, as well as facts and figures that are uncovered through research on the topic. The sources of the information gathered is extremely important, and generally only qualified sources like previous research papers, websites dedicated to the topic and recognized as "official" and books by those considered to be authorities on the subject will qualify as "proper sourcing". Conclusions are often still drawn as a result of the research done by the essay writer, but are based purely on the research conducted, with no bias in any direction due to the personal preference of the research paper writer.

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